"You can't put Hannah Beth in a box...her music is her own...fresh and soulful...I hope your dream takes you far..." - Jim P.


"You have a beautiful, clear, comes from your soul voice. My favorite song is Save Me, it actually brings tears to your eyes, it is absolutely beautiful." - Mary Jane


"I love Save Me, it made me cry." - Hailey H.


"...As I put her CD in my computer to listen, I didn't know what to expect. After all, when I left Oregon, Hannah was in elementary school and I pictured her cute freckled face and braids sitting on my piano bench. But what came out of my computer, wasn't a little girl - it was a mature singer, a musician and I was BLOWN AWAY! Her voice is so soothing yet has such a great style! I am absolutely so impressed!!! I just can't get over how incredible the CD is. Both Tom and I just absolutely LOVE IT!!" - Tamara C.


"You're going to be the next Adele! The album cover is beautiful!" - Fortunato


"I love the CD! One of my favorite's is Just a Dream. The other one I love is BusinessWoman's Blues because I can really relate to it." - Jennifer M.


"...so talented, has such a beautiful voice." - Gary C.


"Love your CD Hannah!! I gave copies to my family!! You sound amazing!! :)" - Jennifer C.


"Hannah, you have such a lovely voice and talent to put it all together." - Nancy B.


"Hi Hannah! Just listened to your new CD and LOVE it! You're off to a fabulous start on your career!" - Patti M.


"Wow. We really like your music and how you sing...will be closely following your career. Keep up the good work!" - Ron S.


"Hey Hannah! You are so kind generous and TALENTED!! Keep up the great work and believe in the dream!" - Kellie G.


"Hannah I love your CD, it is great music and you sing like an angel, I am sharing it with everyone." - Jacki H.


"Lauren gave me your CD, love it!" - Michaela Z.


"You're AWESOME!" - Paul L.


"Hannah, everyone loved you. Next year, we would love you on the main stage. Thanks for donating your time and 1/2 of the proceeds from your CD sales. You have an awesome voice and a big heart. :-)" - Erica L.


"Maybe you can serenade me next time I run into you in Portland... : D" - Steve L.


"OMG Hannah! Neighbor! Okay, if you come to Seattle tell me when and where and I will come see you." - Jeff W.